Welcome to Freio / Willkommen im Freio

Moving the site from the old Typo3 installation, actually all but nothing is on its place so far. Consider throwing stuff at me (gold bars, anyone?) to accelerate the migration, but don’t hold your breath.


3D printer – got one now. Still getting used to it, but it’s probably me having the problems with the machine than the other way around.

Guild Wars 2

Not much to say about this game, except from that it is awesome. It does eveything right – OK, there may be different opinions – and is just sheer fun whenever you log in.

cFos Mug 2015

I was aiming for something entirely different, but running out of time. So it had to be a simple “classic” again instead. Sorry, Juan.


cFos Mug 2013-14


20 years of cFos… …this is quite some time. Funny conincidence that one of my all-time favourite computer games is exactly of the same age:

Day of the Fossil… …err Tentacle