cFos Mug 2017

cfos mug 2017

I’ve been planning to honour a slightly more contemporary artist for quite some time.
Here we go.

cFos Mug 2016

Does anyone here like beer?
OK, this is one of the most famous brews worldwide. Almost. D’oh.

cFos Mug 2015

I was aiming for something entirely different, but running out of time. So it had to be a simple “classic” again instead. Sorry, Juan.

cFos Mug 2013-14


20 years of cFos… …this is quite some time. Funny conincidence that one of my all-time favourite computer games is exactly of the same age:

Day of the Fossil… …err Tentacle

cFos Mug 2011

cFos 2011

This mug is done in the style of Leonardo da Vinci, right up to the mirrored hand-writing he used for his texts. “Practice random kindness…” ist not actually hidden, but just translated into Italian. The additional text has been taken from our Italian “traffic shaping” page.

cFos Mug 2010

cFos 2010

Is there one among us who doesn’t know these little bricks from his/her youth? So, another classic. See the cFos crew pursuing their daily business.

cFos Mug 2009

cFos 2009

When searching for this years topic, i was interupted by my daughter asking me for a version of Pac-Man for her Nintendo DS. Search completed.

cFos Mug 2008

cFos 2008

Futurama – one of my favourite TV shows. Too bad it wasn’t a crowd-pleaser…
…but definitively a nerd-pleaser. After being shut down infamously by broadcaster FOX it resurrected as a set of 3 DVDs and after this being successful on the TV screen as well. Halleluja!

cFos Mug 2007

cFos 2007

The two towers.
Should it really be about these two (Barad-dûr in Mordor and Orthanc in Isengard), or maybe something else?